Global Flavour. Local Ingredients.

Your Story is Our Story

Why did we choose the name “Premium Red” for our spirits? Red is the boldest colour and represents the rich flavour of our spirits. Red is our country and our passion. Red is premium.

Something magical happens when people get together. Canadians know this because we live in a multicultural country where people from all over the world get together to celebrate. Our company began with three friends from different backgrounds who met in Mississauga, Ontario. What binds us together is the trust we have in each other, and the drive to produce high quality spirits that are wonderfully Canadian. 

Enjoy the spirit of being Canadian with us at Canadiana Spirits. We share in your celebrations with the characteristic richness of farm to glass in every bottle.

Boldly made. Humbly priced.
That’s our promise to you.

Canadians are smart – they know that local shouldn’t cost more. There are no import fees or overseas transportation costs to account for. We use local organic ingredients from farm to glass, and we don’t believe buzz words should justify a markup.

Local craft spirits shouldn’t cost more

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