COVID-19: Vodka Production is Currently Stopped!

In response to COVID-19 and what we produce, we have halted all production on vodka spirits and are dedicating our resources towards supporting the community and the country in manufacturing hand sanitizers & disinfectants.
For more information contact us.

Global flavour. Local ingredients.

Handcrafted. Small Batches.

Unapologetically Smooth Vodka

Premium Red Vodka is smooth and crisp with a subtle kick. No apologies.

You know how vodka often tastes like rubbing alcohol and burns on the way down? That’s how many of us first experienced vodka. You may have tried “premium” and “ultra-premium” vodka brands since then. Yet, no matter where they get their ingredients from or how many times they distill it, they still can’t get rid of the burn.
We believe in a real premium Canadian vodka. One that doesn’t smell like a medical laboratory and burns all your taste buds. Vodka should be crisp and smooth. It should be easy on the palate so you can enjoy its flavour. (Yes, vodka should have flavour!) And most importantly, you shouldn’t have to import it from halfway around the world.

At Canadiana Spirits we set out to create a vodka you’ll want to sip on its own. No chaser. No need to mix it.